“Coronavirus Coping” & “Covid 19 Treatments” [WHO] Experts explain why coronavirus infection dey drop for Africa – BBC News

25 September 2020

New Informate 5 hours wey don pass

"Coronavirus Coping" & "Covid 19 Treatments"

One Panel of experts wey World Health Organization (WHO) gada togeda don list some number of factors wey fit make coronavirus infections dey drop for Africa.

Coronavirus pandemic still dey worry for different parts of di world with many European kontries wey dey experience increase cases but dat of Africa dey drop.

"Coronavirus Coping" & "Covid 19 Treatments" [WHO]

Reasons why Africa Covid-19 cases dey low

Di panel of experts, wey include WHO regional director for Africa, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, give different explanations to di different behaviour of di pandemic inside di continent, wen compared to di rest of di world.

  • Expertise for epidemic control, say some of di possible factors na Africa young population and di possible effect of pre-existing immunity.
  • Oda reasons wey di expert mention, na di quick-quick way African leaders apply lockdown wey even affect many economies plus di structure of di African society of caring for elderly inside dia home.

"Coronavirus Coping" & "Covid 19 Treatments" [WHO]

  • Also new explanation na di possible impact of smaller cities inside many African kontries wey mean say di virus fit no travel fast for rural areas and many pipo dey stay for di rural sides instead of cities,
  • Africa transport system na also wetin expert mention, as cities and regions no dey interconnected as e dey for oda parts of di world.
  • Dr Moeti tok say past experience from handling pandemics, like Ebola, don also dey help di continent in dealing with di Covid-19 pandemic.

"Coronavirus Coping" & "Covid 19 Treatments" [WHO]

But Dr Moeti she warn say dem need to do more research to establish di true extent of Covid-19 inside Africa.

More than 1.4 million confam cases of coronavirus na im dem don report for Africa with ova 34,000 deaths. About one million pipo don already recover.

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