I told Costa I will shut his mouth, says victorious Adesanya – Guardian

The success or otherwise of today’s strike action as planned by Nigerian workers, will depend largely on who finally wins the game of wits between the Organised Labour and the Federal Government…

1 hour ago

US President Donald Trump on Sunday faced allegations that he paid little or no federal income tax for years before he came to power, as his cloudy financial past stoked controversy ahead of the first election debate.

1 hour ago

A new survey released recently revealed that land registries have remained a cesspit for bribery among other public offices in Nigeria.

1 hour ago
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True to his pre-fight boast, Nigeria-born New Zealand-based UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya in the early hours of yesterday retained his middleweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) title by knocking out his challenger…

1 hour ago

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