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El Pistolero was a one of a kind Barcelona player who will be impossible to replace.

Luis Suarez came to the club in 2014 at a time with the team at a crossroads.

The Pep Guardiola era was officially over and many wondered whether the magic had left with him.  Many of the same players remained, but the system under Luis Enrique was about to move in a new tactical direction.

In spite of the controversies that preceded him, fans were excited to welcome Suarez to the Camp Nou because of his prodigious record as a goal scorer at the biggest clubs, Liverpool and Ajax, and on the biggest stages, such as his iconic performance at the 2010 World Cup.

Since  Samuel Eto’o left the team, Barcelona lacked a true lethal striker.

With the arrival of Neymar the team was ready and willing to break the bank in order to bring in the biggest stars in the world to assist Messi.

Now that the club is in turmoil due to fiscal irresponsibility, it’s worth remembering that Suarez and Neymar were two of the players that the club actually got right.

They spent a big sum to get them, and they were repaid immediately with both players the perfect match for Messi both on and off the pitch.

In his first season, Suarez selflessly and effectively accepted a secondary role, and together with his South American companions went on to score 121 goals, along with a treble of trophies.

This was arguably the best season in the history of the club, and Suarez played an indispensable role.

In the years to come the club would habitually make bad decisions that reversed its fortunes.  In spite of the mismanagement, however, Suarez kept scoring goals and the team kept winning titles.

With better leadership the Champions League fiascoes that taint Suarez’s tenure could have been avoided.

When the history is written though, fans will always have the memory of MSN’s incredible run together.  They’ll have snapshots of unforgettable goals from Suarez, scored in a variety of memorizing ways.

On the volley, over the head, with the back heal, and an unprecedented penalty with his best Argentinian friend.

Kids wanting to learn to play as a striker should study Suarez.  If they do they’ll learn that scoring goals is more about attitude than skill.

Barca should also learn this lesson.  Going forward, they will never find another Suarez, but they should look for players that have the same chip on their shoulder, will do anything to win mentality.

The way he’s leaving is unbecoming of the club.  You don’t treat legends like this.

One thing should be made abundantly clear.  Suarez played his heart out in every game he played in.

He is one of the last players to blame for the club’s problems, and the team’s low achievement.

Today he was made the scapegoat, but tomorrow we will remember him as the greatest number nine in club history.

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Job well done Pistolero.  Take it easy on Barca at Atletico.

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