Subway employees are sharing the wildest orders theyve ever gotten – Yahoo Lifestyle

Subway’s latest slogan tells customers that, when it comes to your sandwich, you can “make it what you want”. What happens, though, when those wants go too far?. That’s the subject of a recent post going viral on Reddit, . in which current and former Subway employees are sharing their “wildest” customer requests. The thread, with anecdotes ranging from “disgusting” to downright confusing, has drawn 15,000 comments in just four days. user The_JFK_In_The_North claimed to have encountered a customer who ordered a meatball sub topped with mixed vegetables and … chocolate chip cookies. other highlights included a customer who allegedly sprinkled Splenda onto his tuna sandwich, . a man who asked for his meatball sub doused in vinegar . and a woman who ordered a mayo-only sandwich with the “fluffy” part of her bread removed

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