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The Walking Dead season 10 has concluded as of last weekend, and going forward we will have World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead to tide us over until next year.

Few series have had their schedules disrupted as much as the three different series of The Walking Dead due to the pandemic, which for the main show, has created an interesting situation. The Walking Dead will be “ending” with season 11, but that will span 30 episodes over two years, pretty much two more seasons, and six of those are going to debut by themselves in early 2021, and were all crafted to be able to be filmed during the COVID pandemic.

Now, some of the cast is talking about these episodes, including the recently returned Lauren Cohan, who arrived back in the series as Maggie for the finale last weekend. Here’s what she had to say to the Hollywood Reporter:

“We have a long way to go and we’re really excited to give it everything. Knowing the end date, I think is really a gift,” Cohan said. “It’s a gift for the writers, and it’s a gift for us to really cherish every single moment and to pour the literal blood, sweat, and tears into the show like there’s no tomorrow because we are going to be getting some killer stuff to do. I know it because we have these six episodes now to do….I might have said this before about other things, but these are the best episodes that I’ve ever read.”

Given that Cohan has appeared in something like 120 episodes of The Walking Dead, that’s potentially saying a lot.

These episodes are being described as smaller scale and “introspective” after the murder and mayhem of the Whisperer War. Many believe, myself included, that perhaps these episodes are going to touch on where Maggie has been this whole time, and perhaps answer questions about her masked friend who showed up in the finale. At the very least, it stands to reason that Cohan appears in at least some of them, either in the past or present day storylines. These episodes will likely have small casts and no massive zombie hordes, part of the anti-COVID filming precautions. I’m predicting a lot of people walking around in the woods, so season 5-6 vibes, perhaps.

We don’t know quite when these episodes are arriving other than early next year. Until then, it’s just World Beyond and Fear. World Beyond is going to run for 20 episodes only, ten per season, and we don’t know how it will connect to the other series directly (it’s a few years ahead of them in the timeline, I believe). Fear the Walking Dead is doing a series of episodes focused on individual characters who were split up at the end of last season. Unlike TWD, Fear has not booked an end date for the series, and may continue on alongside the Daryl and Carol spin-off that will arrive after TWD finishes. But my guess is that Fear may wrap up soon and we’ll get another new spin-off starting up in its wake as AMC continues to expand the Walking Dead universe endlessly, even after the main show ends.

More to come, and now I’m definitely looking forward to these six episodes in particular.

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