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Hidden Causes Of Heart Disease Among Maori And Polynesian People

Although many of us do the right thing by going for yearly check ups and full blood counts, there could be an underlying heart...

Periodontal Disease Can Trigger Vascular Inflammation

Periodontal disease is the most common disease on the planet that affects people. However, what may be unknown is that this disease has a...

Heart Health: Some Proven Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips to Boost It

A revealing discovery was made In the middle of the 17th century. An Englishman named Harvey discovered that the job of the heart is...

Why I Love Chia Seeds

I first learned about chia seeds when I read the book "Born To Run" almost 10 years ago. The Tarahumara Indians used the seeds...

What Is Blood Pressure and Why Should I Care About It?

Blood pressure is the measurement of the force created by the pumping of the heart as it sends blood through the blood vessels of...

How Stress Triggers Heart Attacks and What You Can Do About It

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States (with 596,577 each year), barely edging out cancer which has 576,691. One...

5 Ways To Eliminate Bad Fats From Your Diet With Healthier Substitutes

For many years scientists have known about a link between fat intake and heart disease, this discovery has led to many people erroneously cutting...

10 Harmful Habits That Can Prove Deadly To Your Heart

The heart is arguably the hub of life. It is the singular, central body organ on which every other organ or tissue depends for...

Preventing Heart Disease: Important Things You Should Know

We all worry about our health, just to different degrees. Some are almost obsessive about counting calories, making sure they're eating all the "right"...

Why Use Witch Hazel for Acne?

Acne is dreaded by many and they will go to any length to get rid of it. There are many remedies for acne and...