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Causes of Diseases Like Cancer


The body is host for the spirit of the universe, the only God. It is extremely jealous and sensitive to anything that comes from the world. Unaware of it people tend to take in everything they can from the latter and they fill their bodies with aggressive forces that bring darkness and disease into it. It’s hard to explain unless one is of a mind to be taken on a spiritual journey where healing takes place.

As a counsellor it is my pleasure to take many down that road where they experience the power of the Spirit for the first time. My link to it is inborn as my memory of reincarnation and knowledge brought with me is overturning the lies and myths of religions. Commissioned to remove the wall of blindness the insight into its danger and impact on the body was shown to me.

Lifted high above the earth in a vision it was shown as being caked in filth. A thick black goo that nothing can penetrate. Suddenly a bright light shot out from me and went straight through it. It circled the planet beneath the black and spread out to cover it and push the former into space in pieces where it drifted off into nothing.

It is that black goo that people live in and absorb into their bodies. It’s the noise and things of the world and man’s creation. It accumulates in cells and changes their nature so they form into things like cancer, diabetes, and other major diseases. So what are those things of blackness?

They are any and all things unnatural, such as films and stories based on fiction. They include music; entertainment; celebrity; religions; politics; law; and money. One sees from this that they are the systems that form the World Order. So why do they hurt us?

They oppose the Spirit! They bring thoughts and behaviour that is abnormal and they drive a wedge between us and God.

In a vision food cooked in a vat of boiling oil and looked delicious ready to eat. Suddenly a hand appeared holding a spoon. It lifted the food and tipped it into a toilet of human excreta. The lot cooked together before being dished onto the plates of the hungry who needed to be served.

The sight sicked me until an answer was shown in the bible. It opened where it explained that the food of the children of Israel is cooked with the dung of man in their sight (Ezekiel 4:10-12). Yes, the pollution of man’s mind has been cooked with the things of God and served up as spiritual food which the people are eating it. It’s the thick black goo that causes disease and death.

Everyone is back ready for judgment and they are turning to the mountain of God for information. It is the Internet promised for the last days (Micah 4:1)

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