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May I Know the Signs and Reasons of Throat Cancer?


There are organs in our body which helps us to speak, breathe and swallow and the cancer which is generated in these organs is termed as Throat cancer. This disease is very fatal to our body. This disease is categorized into two types i.e. Squamous Cell Carcinoma (that centre on flat cells) and Adenocarcinoma (that centre on glandular cells). There are also its other types, i.e. pharyngeal (belongs to throat and neck) and it covers upper (nasopharynx), middle (oropharynx) and lower (hypopharynx) part of the throat; and laryngeal (belongs to the voice box or larynx).

To minimize the risk of this disorder, we should be well known about its symptoms and causes. First of all we will discuss its symptoms in the following manner.


Voice Change

If the voice of the person changes, then it means that the person is caught by this disease.

Trouble in swallowing

The most common function of the throat is to swallow the food and liquid. If we face difficulty in swallowing the food and liquid, then it is the sign of this disorder.

Loss in Weight

If our weight loses without exercise and dieting, then we should not become happy as it is the symptom of this disorder. Weight loss is also the symptom of diabetes and chicken gunia.

Sore Throat

The indication of this disorder is revealed by the responses of the throat. These responses include sore throat. In other words, if our throat becomes sore then it indicates this disorder.

Constant Requirement To Clear The Throat

When the region of the throat becomes uneven then it is necessary to clean it. If there is the need of clearing the throat constantly, then it is the sign of this disease.

Continuous Cough

If the person looses cough continuously along with the possibility of blood then it is the symbol of this malady.

Swelling of Lymph Nodes

If the lymph nodes get swelled up then it is the sign of this sickness.


If we breathe with a whistle, then that condition is wheezing and wheezing is the indication of this malady.

Pain in Ears

If there is pain in our ears, then it is the symptom of this illness.

Now we will discuss the causes of this illness in the following way.



Smoking is the worst habit and it leads to many diseases and one of the maladies is throat cancer.


Alcohol is harmful for our body in every respect. If a person drink alcohol excessively then it results in the development of this illness.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A is good for our body. If our body is lacking Vitamin A then it leads to this sickness.

Asbestos Exposure

Excessive exposure to asbestos (found in fabrics) causes this illness.

Poor Dental Hygiene

If our teeth are not cleaned properly, then it causes this sickness.

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