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Type 2 Diabetes – Six Healthy Ways For Diabetics to Prepare Chicken


Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to help fight the battle of the bulge. They are low in calories and high in bulk and will contribute to filling you. Anyone skipping these foods will likely find they eat more calorie dense foods such as pasta, rice, and bread.

Protein-rich foods are also filling foods that help stave off hunger and keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal. As part of your healthy eating plan, replacing some of your carbohydrates with protein will keep your metabolism revved up and help maintain muscle while losing fat. And eating a sufficient amount of protein is a must for anyone leading an active lifestyle and hoping to control their blood sugar level.

Chicken is a fantastic source of protein a Type 2 diabetic should consider eating, but it’s one protein food many people become bored with. That does not need to be the case as long as you are willing to put a little creativity into the mix.

Let’s look at six ways you can use to start preparing chicken breasts…

1. Grilled. Grilling is one of the lowest fat methods of cooking and is versatile as well. You can grill the chicken…

  • as is,
  • create shish kababs, or
  • wrap the breasts in foil and then grill them.

2. Sautéed. Sautéing is another excellent way to prepare chicken breasts. The chicken breasts can be cooked in a little olive or coconut oil, whatever you prefer. Add some garlic and onions, and you will have a delicious protein source.

3. Slow Cooking. The slow cooker is another cooking method to use, as it is fast and easy and dinner is ready when you get home. Toss your chicken in with some vegetables and enough broth or ingredients to cover them, and you will be all set.

4. Poached. Poaching is an option for anyone who is looking to become lean in a hurry as no additional calories are added. While this method will not produce the tastiest chicken, it is one of the cleanest ways to cook.

5. Baked Chicken. Baking is another way to prepare chicken and can be really delicious The key point to note here is to be careful you do not overdo the cooking time as chicken can become quite dry quickly.

Try baking the chicken in a delicious tomato sauce with plenty of vegetables to help retain the moisture.

6. Coated Chicken. Finally, why not consider coating your chicken breasts. Try dipping them in an egg mixture and then coating them with…

  • raw oats,
  • crushed corn flakes, or
  • almond flour, and

then lightly fry. This is a healthy way to prepare “chicken fingers” instead of deep-frying them.

There you have a few of the best ways to cook chicken breast. If you are hoping to eat clean and stay healthy, it is time to get chicken in your meal plan.

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