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Acne: Five Most Popular Causes


Acne is a condition that can lead to any one feeling too embarrassed to leave the house. The bright red scars that can be left make many people feel as though they will never have beautiful, glowing skin that is free of blemishes and scars again. This leads to depression and a lack of self-confidence.

There are many remedies that are available for those that are suffering from acne, but, before deciding on a therapy, patients are encouraged to consider what may be causing the pimples so that they can decide the perfect acne therapy plan.


Hormonal acne is one of the most common forms of this skin condition. Women are more prone to getting pimples because of their hormones than men. Often, this condition can be easily identified because women will break out while they are menstruating or when they are pregnant. The rest of the time, their skin may be oily, but is not breaking out.


Individuals that work in environments with a lot of grease are more likely to develop pimples if they touch their face a lot throughout the day. For example, if a person works in a fast food restaurant, touches greasy fries with their hands, and then touches their face, all the grease on their hands will be left on their face to clog their pores.

There is a surprisingly large number of patients that think they have this condition, but they simply quit touching their face and see a tremendous difference.


Sometimes, patients do not properly clean their face and then wonder why they get pimples. Individuals with this skin condition may get pimples regardless, but the less that they cleanse the more they are going to get. Simply guaranteeing that a proper routine is followed both morning and night can help make the condition more manageable. exfoliation, deep cleansing therapy and simply washing the face off with cool water throughout the day can help manage this skin condition if this is the cause.


What goes in the body, eventually comes out of the body, and some of it makes its way out of the body through the sweat glands. As bacteria is pushed out, it needs to be washed off, hence the cleaning section above. Sometimes, however, this is simply not enough.

Patients with an extremely unhealthy diet are encouraged to make subtle diet changes over time to see if this makes a difference. Unlike previously thought, chocolate does not cause acne. Some other foods, particularly greasy foods such as pizza and chips, are still thought to give to this condition.

Overdoing it

Overdoing it when it comes to spot treating the skin may seem harmless, because these therapy are supposed to get rid of pimples. While this may make sense, it is often counterproductive. Instead of getting rid of more blackheads and pesky pimples, this actually causes the skin to dry out, making it produce more oil than it ever did before, and resulting in more pimples.

Instead, patients are encouraged to follow a regular therapy program and watch the pimples slowly fade away.

Just like every person is different, so is every skin condition. One thing may help one person, yet that same thing may do nothing to help another person. Often, finding the perfect remedy depends on the cause, and it may take some trial and error to figure out exactly what the cause is, and how the skin condition should be treated. Many people find relief in knowing that once they get their pimples under control, laser therapy can help take care of the scars.

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