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Surprising Causes of Acne You Didn’t Know About


For many acne is merely a terrible memory of their teenage years, but for some, it continues to haunt them many years into adulthood. While you may hold the pollution, the weather and your unhealthy diet responsible for the barrage of nasty breakouts that appear on your skin right before a major event, there could be a host of other factors responsible for those zits. Here are five surprising causes of acne you probably never knew about:

  1. Your Gadgets and Accessories – Your beloved mobile phone, headphones, and sunglasses house a lot of bacteria, grime, and oil, and on touching your face, they can give rise to acne mechanica that is caused due to friction, and when your pores aren’t allowed to breathe. To prevent this, ensure you regularly clean all your accessories and gadgets with a sanitizer and avoid using them for extended periods of time together.
  2. Your Hairstyling Products – In pursuit of styling your hair to perfection, you might face the brunt of skin flare-ups. A lot of hairstyling products contain ingredients like oil, sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate that can trigger acne around the hairline and even the face. This is called pomade acne. To avoid this, as far as possible, try to use water-based hairstyling products. Make it a point to wash your face and hands after using any hair product.
  3. Your Pillowcase – Your favorite pillow could also be playing the villain to your skin. Not washing your pillowcase regularly can cause a lot of your body’s natural oils and product remnants to build up on it. Change your pillowcase at least once every week and never go to bed without removing your makeup.
  4. Your Medications – Often times your health condition may require you to take medication that can aggravate pimples. Some of these medications include ingredients like androgens, corticosteroids, lithium bromides, and iodides, all of which are linked to breakouts. Consult a doctor if you experience breakouts after taking any medication.
  5. Your Toothpaste – Toothpaste is considered a quick fix to zap zits, but did you know it is also considered a cause of acne? Ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, sodium lauryl sulfate, essential oils, alcohol, fluoride and menthol present in toothpaste are common triggers of acne. The best way to minimize their impact on your skin is to brush first and then follow it up with a facial cleanse.

There are many other factors like hormonal imbalance, stress, skin type, and poor skin care regimen that can cause acne. Most importantly, remember that what you eat reflects on how you look. If you are troubled with a severe case of acne, despite trying all possible home- remedies, Sehat can help you find the best dermatologists in your city to treat your condition.

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