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Why Acne Therapy Could Be Right For You


Ache plagues all of us at some point in our lives – typically during those turbulent adolescent years. This is because it is a product of excess hormones, and is not related to our external environments like some people would have us believe. If you’re lucky, your condition will have cleared up once you bypassed those teenage years, but for many that’s not the case.

So what about those of us who suffer from chronic acne? Chronic skin conditions such as this are grossly misunderstood, and can make a person struggle with confidence at work, and in their daily lives. Far from being a skin condition limited to teenagers, this common skin complaint can affect people of all ages and can cause extreme discomfort and misery.

There are a range of treatments for this condition, each claiming to give a miracle cure. Sufferers often try various skin peels and topical treatments without getting the results they were so desperate for. This can leave many people out-of-pocket and feeling like there is nothing they can do about their acne.

If this sounds like you, and your skin problems haven’t responded to antibiotics or topical treatments, then you might want to consider trying laser therapy. With a 90% success rate, you’ll be sure to see results almost immediately. What’s more, it’s an incredibly quick and non-invasive procedure, taking just 10 minutes to complete.

Laser therapy is a two-part process, utilising both a vacuum tool and a broadband light. In short, the process effectively cleans, treats, and removes the blocks to produce clearer skin in the affected area. There is no recovery time and no medication involved, so you’ll be able to get back to your daily routine immediately afterwards.

The vacuum deep cleanses the pores of the skin by extracting its sebaceous material, such as the oily, waxy substance often secreted from cysts.

The broadband light then targets porphyrins, those naturally occurring chemicals in the body that help with the production of haemoglobin, eliminating bacteria and reducing sebum production. This also helps to remove blackheads and oiliness from the skin’s surface, as well as other debris. Ultimately, your skin will have a smoother texture and far less spots.

The procedure is practically painless, and very quick to do. The results are generally astounding for such a gentle process, showing a dramatic reduction in the pigment changes and redness caused by acne.Laser therapy has a clinically proven success rate, proving far more effective than other forms of treatment.

This operation has been proven both incredibly safe and highly effective for acne sufferers. But you’ll need to make sure you visit a proper, licensed facility to have it done. Why not try researching medical spas in your local area, as these tend to specialise in skin care.

The staff employed by these spas are often registered nurses, so will come with years of experience treating a range of skin ailments. They will be able to offer you advice and information about the treatment of your skin going forwards, including which products may be best to keep the condition at bay, and which to avoid.

Make sure your chosen medical spa uses an approved treatment process before you begin. If in doubt, ask to see their licensing credentials, and look on their website for previous client testimonials or ‘before and after’ images. You can also ready through their customer reviews on popular review sites, so get an idea about which medical providers you can trust.

Far from being an expensive option, laser treatment has become increasingly more affordable. Speak to your local medical spa to find out more about their pricing structure.

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