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History of the Zika Virus


The name comes from the Zika forest in Uganda where in 1947 researchers into Yellow Fever infected a rhesus macaque with the fever. They isolated a transmissible substance in 1952, called the Zika virus, and took substance from the first infected human of Nigeria in 1954. From then until 2007 cases of it were rare in Africa and Asia until a major outbreak occurred on Yap island, Micronesia. Since then it has been found in Polynesia, Easter Island, the Cook Islands and New Caledonia.

The question is who created the virus and is responsible for its spread? Obviously the monkey must have passed on the infection through mosquitoes in its area and to others in its pack. Then it passed to humans while the scientists may have allowed the substance they created to pass into the environment.

It doesn’t matter how it came to be or why the facts are we have it and now it is set to play havoc on human health. In the intervening 62 years it has travelled from Africa and Asia to Brazil and now to neighbouring countries like Venezuela, Argentina, and so on. In 2015 this larger outbreak in Brazil is linked to the staging of the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

The facts are that humans are subject to something beyond their control. It is my opinion that we are in the last days when life on earth will almost disappear and only a few will survive. This is not based on speculation but on memory of my reincarnation and knowledge given to me by the Spirit of the Universe, the real God.

It is this entity that controls all things and it is in all of space. Look up and see the zillions upon zillions of stars and planets to get an idea of its size. It can also speak to us and put in our minds the things it requires to happen, such as creating this virus. With its spread devastation on a massive scale will follow as it causes microcephaly in infants and that may lead to another greater disaster.

The virus is also known to stay in the semen and to be transmitted to women, as noted by officials at the Dallas County Health and Human Services and confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on February 2nd.

If this is the scenario we are faced with there is little we can do about it. The Olympic Games will go ahead as planned and the virus will spread because, as noted in prophecy, we are caught in a trap (Jeremiah 11:11,12) from which there is no escape.

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