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Quitting Smoking – When Your Medicine Becomes Your Poison


So you want to quit smoking but you have so many fond memories of cigarettes locked away in your unconscious mind. Looking cool, or more mature, relaxing or being part of a peer group all made smoking seem like a good idea.

In time you used smoking to manage stress and boredom, or to help you to think so cigarettes took on a kind of therapeutic or medicinal role. Decades ago doctors even prescribed smoking for nervous people.

But of course there was the realisation that smoking was your poison and not your medicine. This creates another problem. You know that smoking is bad for you but you still rely on smoking to medicate some of your life.

Most smokers would completely reject any idea that smoking equals self-medicating, but what else do you call, taking a chemical into your body with the goal of changing how you feel?

So let’s look at this differently. Firstly you are self-medicating with a drug which is highly likely to do you significant harm or limit your life at least. The old saying holds true that the doctor who treats him or herself has a fool for a patient.

Secondly in hypnosis terms you have a parts conflict. One part knows all about how harmful smoking is, but another part is still connected to the old beliefs that smoking holds some benefit.

In real terms your conscious mind says to quit, but your unconscious mind believes it is still good to smoke.

Until your unconscious mind is brought up to date with your current desires you will struggle and you will lose the battle.

Hypnosis is a simple fast and effective way to communicate a new idea straight to your non-conscious mind. That idea is your strong desire to quit smoking and that there is no benefit any longer for you to smoke and you will drop any idea of medicating with cigarettes.

It is as simple as that, in my experience most of the difficulty people experience is in either over thinking about the process, or going about it the wrong way all together.

Sure you require commitment and some effort but it’s also important to put your past experiences behind you, plus ignore those around you who want to tell you how it is, and to just allow hypnosis to work for you.

A side note; many people who go on about how hard it is, have probably never completely committed themselves fully to quitting and failure is an expected outcome.

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