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How To Stop Having Negative Thoughts And Evolve


Many people tell me that they cannot change their behavior when they are in the beginning of their therapy and they are struggling to stop repeating the same mistakes again and again, because they have serious mental health problems.

They tell me that they cannot force themselves to stop having the evil behavior they like, and like the peaceful and moralistic behavior they dislike.

However, they have to control their behavior instead of letting their anti-conscience decide what they do. They cannot avoid having this fight.

God knows that they can control their behavior and stop having negative reactions, but they are lazy and indifferent. So, God helps them understand how to follow the necessary process of transformation with the information He sends them in their dreams.

Everyone’s treatment depends on how strong their anti-conscience is, and on their obedience to God’s guidance. Those who have a weak anti-conscience are cured in a short period of time, but those who have a strong anti-conscience and partially lost their conscience need more time and more explanations.

Since their conscience was invaded and partially destroyed, they keep listening to the absurd thoughts of the demon instead of listening to the thoughts of their conscience. The truth is that their conscience stops thinking by itself. It becomes a puppet of their anti-conscience.

This is why they keep repeating the same mistakes. Their anti-conscience keeps sending them the same repetitive and obsessive absurd thoughts all the time, blocking their way.

The beginning is very hard for those who have severe mental illnesses because they are controlled by their anti-conscience all the time. However, they can be cured if they will follow God’s guidance in their dreams.

Everyone can win the battle against their anti-conscience when they obey the divine guidance in their dreams, even if they have serious mental health problems. God knows that this is possible. Otherwise, He wouldn’t try to help us fight our anti-conscience.

God gives many explanations to those who refuse to follow His guidance, until they will finally agree to do what is necessary, and change their behavior. This is very tiring for Him, but His patience has no limits.

We are impatient and lazy, but God knows that we have to gradually transform our personality. This process cannot be fast when our conscience is not working.

I wouldn’t insist so much on transmitting this knowledge to the world if I didn’t know that everyone can be cured because I saw this miracle happening many times, and I keep seeing it happening every day.

The end of everyone’s therapy depends on their obedience to the guidance they have in their dreams.

Many people who have serious problems are cured faster than those who have simpler problems because they are obedient and serious.

However, what usually happens is that those who have serious mental health problems are misled by their anti-conscience. This is why they need more time to be cured.

Even though they need more time and more explanations, even those dreamers are cured. God never stops sending explanations in their dreams to help them finally understand everything they need to know. At a certain point, they stop following the absurd thoughts of their anti-conscience.

God has the patience to keep giving the same explanations to the mentally ill because He knows that their anti-conscience sends them repetitive thoughts about the same matters all the time, without letting them overcome their mental health problems.

When a mentally ill dreamer is trying to change his or her behavior and follow the divine guidance in his dreams, his anti-conscience always sends the same repetitive thoughts about his fears to his conscience.

For example, when a dreamer is shy and insecure, he has a series of thoughts about the horrors of rejection. His anti-conscience speaks with his voice, pretending that it is his conscience, and it keeps sending him thoughts that make him afraid to be humiliated, like: “I’m ugly, I don’t have a good posture, I don’t know what to say, I’m an idiot” and so on.

Therefore, when he is trying to obey God’s guidance and he is trying to believe that he is an intelligent and interesting person, the simple repetitive though “I’m ugly” will immediately make him stop believing that his qualities have meaning.

His anti-conscience will capture his attention with this repetitive thought, and it will keep sending him more absurd thoughts, like:

“Who cares about my intelligence if I’m so ugly? Nobody wants to have a friend like me. I will never find a girlfriend. Wish I was dead” and so on. His conscience will be bombarded by so many negative thoughts that he will forget everything he learned in his dreams.

God has to send him another dream with more explanations, to help him understand that his physical appearance is not really important. There are many charming men in the world who are not handsome, but have an extraordinary personality. He can become an attractive man if he will stop living isolated and he will develop his conscience through dream therapy.

The dreamer will be able to remember the guidance he had in his dreams after really understanding the fact that his appearance is not important. He believes that he understood this fact, but whenever his anti-conscience sends him the simple thought “I’m too ugly” he forgets that his appearance is not important. He cannot find arguments to combat this thought.

He must really, really understand that his appearance is not important, until he will be able to combat the thought that he is ugly and go ahead, without believing that he will be rejected only because he is not attractive. This negative thought must stop blocking his way.

God has the patience to give numerous explanations to the dreamer about the same matters, with more details, until he will deeply understand His lessons.

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