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Quit Smoking – It’s Nicotine, Not Cocaine!


The belief of many smokers is that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and this explains why it is so hard to quit. Even the drug companies support this argument by promoting drugs which have a serious impact on the dopamine receptors in your brain as a solution.

This should solve the addiction right? Well about 23% of people do quit using the drugs, but many of the rest have side effects which are so disturbing that the risk reward is very bad. From nightmares, to vomiting to psychotic breakdowns and even heart attacks.

Surely if nicotine is the addictive then using nicotine patches would be a universal solution for smokers. But according to British records only 2% of smokers succeed in quitting using nicotine replacement.

In Australia Macquarie University have determined that in the real world nicotine replacement has a zero benefit. Other studies have shown a 20% success rate, but these were in controlled groups where outcomes were expected.

I would argue that in such an environment with a group which was prepared to comply that 20% or thereabouts would succeed in quitting by eating therapeutic cornflakes!

Nicotine is not like cocaine, it is not nearly so addictive. While we all know of rehabilitation centres which specialise in helping serious drug addiction. But there are no such places for smokers.

Most smokers know they can go for periods of time without smoking. There is no standard pattern to smoking. Some smoke when they awake, but some don’t until after breakfast or on their way to work.

Some smoke when they are stressed and some don’t, some smoke 40 a day and some smoke just a few. Some believe that they manage their lives and some realise that smoking offers them nothing.

Drug crime is a serious problem around the world, many people have been the victims of a person steeling to buy more drugs. But who has ever heard of a person becoming a criminal just to get cigarette money.

Sure some will buy smokes with their ill-gotten gains but that wasn’t their motivation. So do yourself a big favour and ignore the useless messages that nicotine is so addictive that you are completely at their mercy.

Don’t listen to drug company advertisements telling you that it may take several attempts to quit and that you need to keep trying, in other words you need to keep buying their expensive drugs.

Hypnosis goes to the heart of the matter, that is it releases you from the strong bond between your habits and your cigarettes.

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